Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Implementation of Real Time Local Search Particle Filter Based Tracking Algorithms on BeagleBoard-xM

Jharna Majumdar, Parashar Dhakal, Amar Mani Aryal, Nilesh Kumar Mishra and Nabin Sharma Rijal

This work hybridizes Particle Filter and Local Search algorithm for the realization of intelligent computer vision based target tracking on BeagleBoard-xM, an ARM based embedded platform, which tracks moving targets in a continuous scene operating in real-time. The integration of Local Search algorithms with Particle Filter significantly increases the accuracy of tracking. The use of embedded board helps to reduce the space requirement and cost of the design. The implementation of target tracking on embedded platform has many end uses especially in the field of robotics, surveillance, human-computer interaction applications, etc.

Keywords: ARM, BeagleBoard xM, Color histogram, Distance Measures, Embedded Computer Vision, Gstreamer, Linux, Local Search, Particle filter, Re-Sampling, SDL, Target Tracking.

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Jharna Majumdar
Dean R&D, Prof & Head, Department of CSE (PG)

Parashar Dhakal
Final Year, B.E. student, Department of ECE

Amar Mani Aryal
Final Year, B.E. student, Department of ECE

Nilesh Kumar Mishra
Final Year, B.E. student, Department of ECE

Nabin Sharma Rijal
Final Year, B.E. student, Department of ECE

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