Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Implementation of Data Mining in Estimating The Growth Of Local Sheep

Aan Kardiana and Lilis Khotijah

Data mining is a process to use statistical technique, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and learning machine to extract, identify beneficial information and discovery knowledge from database. In this research, the authors apply this method to estimate the growth of local sheep. Research method consists of several phases, namely: Data Cleaning, Data Integration, Data Selection, Data Transformation, Data Mining, Pattern Evolution and Knowledge Presentation. Data as amount of 4357 samples, processed by using CART (Classification and Regression Tree) and Correlation Analysis method. The Average Daily Gain is target variable is and indicator variable consist of dry matter intake from : Grass; Corn; Cassava Meal; Coconut Meal; CaCO3; Salt; Premix; Urea; Corn Oil; Corncob; Soybean Meal; Fish Meal and Sunflower Oil. The knowledge presentation gotten is Coconut Meal as dominant indicator variable. The optimal regression trees that has 41 terminal nodes with relative error of 0,659, can be used to determine composition ingredient base on daily gain expected.

Keywords: Data mining, regression tree, estimation, average daily gain

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Aan Kardiana
He holds BSc from Bandung Institute of Technology and MSc from IPB (Bogor, Indonesia) in 2000. He is currently an academic, research staff and Head of Computational Intelligent Research Group of Faculty of Information Technology, YARSI University. His research interests are data mining, statistics and e-Health. He is also a member of YARSI E-Health Research Center (YEHRC); has won some research grants; published a number of papers in national proceeding and international journal

Lilis Khotijah
She holds BSc and MSc from Faculty of Animal Science from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in 1999. She is currently an academic, lecturer of Animal Nutrition and research staff of Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University. Her research interest is Nutrition Reproduction of Animal

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