Sunday 21st of January 2018

Impacts of Linear Mobility on MANETs Routing Performance under Different Network Loads

Zeinab R. Khaleel and Mahmoud M. Al-Quzwini

Routing is the biggest challenge and significant area of research within Ad Hoc networks due to nodes mobility, dynamic topology, frequent link breakage, limitation of nodes (memory, battery, bandwidth, and processing power), and lack of central point like base stations or servers. Analyzing and comparing different MANET routing protocols give a solution to the challenges in the Ad Hoc routing in different situations. OMNET++ is used to simulate MANET routing under different mobile node speeds and different network loads based on the following performance metrics: packet delivery ratio, lost packets, average transmission delay, throughput and overhead of two reactive routing protocols (AODV and DSR) and one proactive protocol (OLSR) to show the differences and to bring usefulness of these algorithms. In line network topology when using a heavy network load under variable node speeds, the performance of AODV is better than both DSR by 66.9% and OLSR by 36.9% with respect to packet transmission ratio (PTR), the AODV protocol overhead is less than that of DSR by 30.9% and OLSR by 51.6%; however for transmission time delay, DSR outperforms both AODV by 6.02% and OLSR by 1.5%.

Keywords: Mobile Ad-Hoc Network; MANET; Routing; AODV; DSR; OLSR; Packet Transmission Ratio (PTR); packet transmission time delay; Throughput; lost packets; Overhead.

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Zeinab R. Khaleel
College of Engineering, Alnahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq Department of Computer Engineering

Mahmoud M. Al-Quzwini
College of Engineering, Alnahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq Department of Computer Engineering

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