Sunday 21st of January 2018

Impact of Route Selection Metrics on the Performance of DSR Protocol for MANETs

Ragb O. M. Saleh, Md Yazid Mohd Saman and M Nordin A Rahman

Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are characterized by connectivity through a group of wireless nodes. MANETs are deployed in circumstances where no base station is available. Accordingly, MANETs need routing protocols which can adopt with dynamic topologies. To achieve this, several routing protocols are proposed and deployed. The route selection is one of the most important method design optimization criterion in routing protocols. Most conventional route selection methods do not consider both the freshness and shortness of the route while selecting routes. In this paper, we present two route selection methods for DSR protocol, which consider the freshness of the route as the primary route selection metric. In addition, we describe the proposed methods and explain their effectiveness via presenting and comparing simulation results with popular DSR protocol. The parameters used for evaluation are packet delivery ratio, routing overhead and dropped packets. The simulations are carried out using GloMoSim simulator.

Keywords: MANET, DSR, Source Routing, Minimum Hop, Route Selection.

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Ragb O. M. Saleh
He has completed his Bachelorís degree in Computer Science from Naser University (Libya) in 1998, and the M.S. degree from Al Al Bayt University at Mafraq (Jordan) in 2007. He is currently working towards his Doctorate degree at University Malaysia Terengganu. His research interests are in networking, including wireless ad-hoc netwrks.

Md Yazid Mohd Saman
He is a Professor of Computer Science in the field of Parallel and Distributed Systems. He has been in the academia for over 20 years, starting in UPM Serdang as a Tutor and Lecturer, then in KUSTEM since 2001, and until now in UMT. He has published over journal and conference papers in the areas of parallel & distributed systems, multimedia technologies and simulation. His research interests are in Distributed, Parallel Computing, Computer Networks, Simulation and Performance Modelling.

M Nordin A Rahman
He is working as Associate Prof., and Dean of Faculty of Informatics, Universiti Sultan ZainalAbidin, Malaysia. He has more than 15 years of teaching and haspublished numbers of papers in referred international journals.

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