Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Image enhancement using fusion by wavelet transform and Laplacian pyramid

Shailendra M. Mukane, Yogesh S Ghodake and P.S.Khandagle

The idea of combining multiple image modalities to provide a single, enhanced image is well established different fusion methods have been proposed in literature. This paper is based on image fusion using laplacian pyramid and wavelet transform method. Images of same size are used for experimentation. Images used for the experimentation are standard images and averaging filter is used of equal weights in original images to burl. Performance of image fusion technique is measured by mean square error, normalized absolute error and peak signal to noise ratio. From the performance analysis it has been observed that MSE is decreased in case of both the methods where as PSNR increased, NAE decreased in case of laplacian pyramid where as constant for wavelet transform method.

Keywords: image fusion, Laplacian pyramid, wavelet transform, Mean Square Error, Normalized Absolute Error and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio

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Shailendra M. Mukane
Prof. Dr. Shailendra M. Mukane has completed B.E. Electronics Engineering (1993), M.Tech Power Electronics from VTU with Gold Medal (2001) and Ph.D. Electronics Engineering from Solapur University (2013). His total experience is 19 years and research areas include signal processing, image processing, and power electronics. He is fellow member of IEI Kolkata, Life member of ISTE and Associate Member of IEEE.

Yogesh S Ghodake
Yogesh S Ghodake has completed B.E Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2011), pursuing M.E Electronics and Telecommunication in SVERI\'s College of Engineering Pandharpur.

Student at SVERI\'s College of Engineering Pandharpur

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