Friday 23rd of February 2018

Human-Computer Interactive Fast Edge Matching of High Resolution Orthophotos

Jun Liu, Huaxing Bi, Jinzhao Zhu, Peilin Zhu, Xinjie Wang and Guohua Li

In the process of high resolution images orthorectification, an uneven distribution of ground control points in mountainous area results in the phenomenon of ground objects dislocation between orthophotos edges in the overlap area. Followed image mosaic, fusion and interpretation are seriously affected. High-resolution (2.5 m) panchromatic images with a 30% forward overlap of ALOS satellite were acquired over topography complication zones in Beijing mountainous area. After being ortho-rectified in Geomatica PCI 2012, odd or even serial numbered orthophotos on the same satellite track without edge overlapping were mosaiced and then experimental automatic matching tests between mosaic orthophotos and residual orthophotos were carried out in Automatic Registration of ENVI 4.8 to obtain empirical automatic matching parameters and guiding ground control points in the overlap areas. Finally, automatic edge matching operation was conducted by using parameters and guiding GCPs previously acquired. The results showed that mosaic alternate orthophotos in course line or lateral course lines shortened edge matching time effectively. In Automatic Registration module of ENVI 4.8, Search Window Size = 361, Moving Window Size = 19, Area Chip Size = 256 were empirical automatic matching parameters of ALOS panchromatic orthophotos. This method can accomplish high resolution orthophotos edge matching fast and accurately.

Keywords: High Resolution Image, Orthophotos, Edge matching

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Jun Liu
A Ph.D. student.He now focuses on forest remote sensing.

Huaxing Bi
Professor, corresponding author, supervisor of College of Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, China. His research interests include soil & water conservation and forest remote sensing.

Jinzhao Zhu
Professor, supervisor of College of Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, China. His research focuses on soil and water conservation.

Peilin Zhu
A postgraduate student.She now focuses on 3S technology.

Xinjie Wang
Associate professor, supervisor of College of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University, China. His research interests include forestry management and forest remote sensing.

Guohua Li
A doctor of soil and water conservation.

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