Friday 23rd of February 2018

GIS Based Construction Land Layout in Ecological Area

Xiaolei Wu, Yinghong Wang and Weixing Mao

This paper explores the rational construction land layout in Qi river ecological area of Hebi city so as to provide references for the construction land layout in other similar domestic area. We take the geographical information system software (ARCGIS) and statistical software (SPSS) as technical support. We adopt qualitative analysis with quantitative calculation, data analysis with graphical analysis as research methods. The paper evaluates the suitability and the ecological sensitivity of the construction land in Qi River ecological area, then overlays the evaluation results by ARCGIS software, finally gets the layout of construction land in the ecological area.Conclusions are that: Rational layout of construction land in ecological relates area not only to the suitability evaluation but also to the sensitivity evaluation;there are strong correlations among ecological sensitivity and water system, land cover type, elevation, special value.

Keywords: Ecological Area, Construction Land, Rational Layout,ARCGIS

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Xiaolei Wu
Xiaolei Wu attended China University of Mining and Technology in 2011. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student at School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics and Jiangsu keylaboratory of Resource and Environmental Information Engineering. Her major is land management. Her research interests focus on land reclamation, land use and planning.

Yinghong Wang
Yinghong Wang is a professor in China University of Mining and Technology. His current research is land use and planning.

Weixing Mao
Weixing Mao received MS degree in Henan University in 2011.

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