Monday 19th of February 2018

Fuzzy Logic Method for Evaluation of Difficulty Level of Exam and Student Graduation


Application of fuzzy logic in processing student evaluation, are expected to represent the mechanisms of human thought processes capable of resolving the problem of evaluation of students, which can be monitored by the teacher directly. With a system of evaluation of student test results by using fuzzy logic will be able to support the needs of teachers as well as those related to monitor student progress so that it can support the success of students. In the Fuzzy Logic method for each criterion are defined into 4 fuzzy set, low, medium, high and very high. item about the difficulty level, the level of difficulty of exams and graduation rates of students and participants ranked the Fuzzy Logic method is the output of the system. Fuzzy Logic will consider both the value of the criteria used, if the difficulty level is very difficult problems and low student scores in a fuzzy set criterion is high, then the student is graduating. This means more equitable Fuzzy Logic in reaching a decision and determine graduation.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, student evaluation, Inference engine.

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studied Information Technology in Department of Information Technology Udayana University since August 2008, and now working her research for S.Ti. degree in Information Technology.

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