Sunday 21st of January 2018

Fusion of Physical Extraction Parameter Model Optical and SAR Data for Flood Detection

Wawan Setiawan and Wiweka

The limitations of classification results, interpretation, and detection of the optical data can be helped by using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, in order to obtain a sama area with actual conditions. The combination/fusion is an effort to combine information from a number of sources to produce a single data entity in the form of specific and kompehensif. Image representation with modes fusion will improve different multi-sensory than conventional. In fusion performed 4 (four) steps of modeling, estimation, combination and decision-making. Modeling the physical parameter extraction resulted from optical and SAR data for flood detection to do with pixels, features, and decisions. The cost of using SAR imagery is a problem but, this may be compensation to get the good quality and low cost when compared with the survey directly. The finding that variable texture image provide valuable quantitative information to support and differentiate water bodies of other types of land cover classes.

Keywords: Optical Image, SAR Image, Features Extraction, Physical Parameters, and Flood.

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Wawan Setiawan


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