Friday 23rd of February 2018

Framework Model for Database Replication within the Availability Zones

Ala’a Atallah A. Al-Mughrabi and Hussein H. Owaied

This paper presents a proposed model for database replication model in private cloud availability regions, which is an enhancement of the SQL Server AlwaysOn Layers of Protection Model presents by Microsoft in 2012. The enhancement concentrates in the database replication for private cloud availability regions through the use of primary and secondary servers. The processes of proposed model during the client send Write/Read Request to the server, in synchronous and semi synchronous replication level has been described in details also the processes of proposed model when the client send Write/Read Request to the Primary Server presented in details. All the types of automatic failover situations are presented in this thesis. Using the proposed models will increase the performance because each one of the secondary servers will open for Read / Write and allow the clients to connect to the nearby secondary and less loading on each server.

Keywords: Availability Regions, Cloud Computing, Database Replication, SQL Server AlwaysOn, Synchronization.

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Ala’a Atallah A. Al-Mughrabi
Ala’a Atallah A. Al-Mughrabi: graduate with B.Sc. in Computer Science from Petra University, Amman-Jordan in 2005, I’m Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for Windows and Web Applications. I have 8 years’ experience in Development Field. This paper is a summary of my thesis for master degree in Computer Information System in Middle East University, Computer Information System Dept.

Hussein H. Owaied
Dr. Hussein H. Owaied: graduate with B.Sc. in mathematics from Al Mustansiryiah University, Baghdad-IRAQ in 1977, Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science from UMIST, U.K, in 1984, PhD in Computer Science from Bradford University, U.K. in 1988. Currently is Associate Professor at Middle East University, Dept. of Computer Science. Usually the courses of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Systems are the most of interesting for me. But to complete my duties I taught many courses such as Operating System, Logic Design, Distributed Information Systems, Coding and Information Theory, PROLOG, PASCAL, C++, Data Structures, or Computer Architecture. I have 24 years experience teaching most of the courses in computer science for different departments at many Universities for different levels (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) studies.

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