Sunday 21st of January 2018

Evaluation of Different Query Expansion Techniques by using Different Similarity Measures in Arabic Documents

Hayel Hussain Khafajeh and Nidal Abedalrahman Yousef

Millions of users search daily for their needs using internet and other information stores, they search by writing their queries. Unfortunately, these queries may fail to reach to their needs, this fail known as word mismatch. One way of handling this Word mismatch is by using a thesaurus, that shows (usually semantic) the relationships between terms. The main goal of this study is to design and build an automatic Arabic thesaurus using Local Context Analysis technique that can be used in any special field or domain to improve the expansion process and to get more relevance documents for the user's query. This technique can be used in any special field or domain to improve the expansion process and to get more relevant documents for the user's query. Results of this study were compared with the classical information retrieval system. Two hundred and forty two Arabic documents and 59 Arabic queries were used for building the requirements of the thesaurus, such as inverted File, indexing, term-term cooccurrence matrix, etc. All of these documents involve computer science and information system vocabulary. The system was implemented in ORACLE 11 g environment and run on Pentium-4 laptop with 2.13GHz speed, 2.86MB RAM memory, and hard disk capacity of 500GB. The study has shown that the Local Context Analysis technique improved the retrieval in a remarkable way better than the classical retrieval method.

Keywords: Query Expansion, Local Context Analysis technique,

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Hayel Hussain Khafajeh
Assistant Professor HAYEL KHAFAJEH received the degree of B.Sc. in 1985, he earned his Master degree of M.Sc. in IT, A Ph.D. in CIS was received in 2008, he joined Zarqa University in Jordan in 2009, in 2010 he was the head of the CIS department and for two years, and he still Assistant Professor in the same University. Assistant Professor Hayel Khafajeh has been worked for 23 years in the Educational field such as programmer, teacher for the pioneer students, teachers supervisor, head of IT division, and Manager of ICDL Center all of that were for the ministry of Education, Jordan. He has published 6 research papers in international journal and conferences. And there are another 3 papers under processing. He has published many educational computer books for the Ministry of education, where the last book has been published is JAVA PROGRAMMING in 2013.

Nidal Abedalrahman Yousef
received the degree of B.Sc. in 1997, he earned his Master degree in IT, A Ph.D. was received in 2008 in CIS, He joined King Abdulaziz University, in KSA in 2009, as an Assistant Professor and in 2010 he moved to AL-Esra University in Jordan as Assistant professor in the college of computing and information technology. He has published 4 research papers in international journal and conferences.

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