Sunday 18th of February 2018

Evaluation of a Proposed Intelligent Transportation Framework using Computer Network Concepts: A Case Study for Hajj-Pilgrim Traffic Monitoring and Control

Omar Tayan and Abdullah Al-Binali

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) provides an effective mechanism by which to optimize the movement of people/vehicles in congested and densely populated areas. The ITS infrastructure integrates modern sensory-communication systems together with computational techniques to provide the processing functionality required in such intelligent systems. An approach for incorporating intelligence in transportation for a candidate application-domain is proposed in this paper for the case of the Hajj traffic scenario. In particular, this paper addresses the need to optimize the movement of pilgrim-traffic between Holy sites during the Hajj period which clearly demonstrates its key significance for the well-being of around three-million pilgrims each year. Computational modeling and networking techniques were employed for behavioral analysis of the traffic-congestion domain with extensive simulations performed to evaluate the proposed ITS deployment scenario. The technique is found to be very effective for addressing the transportation-bottleneck that arises as a result of the saturated and congested roads at known \'hotspots\' between Holy sites. It is shown that the proposed monitoring and control approach of traffic results with reduced congestion-levels, lower-journey-times and an overall enhancement of the transport-infrastructure capacity utilization. Finally, vehicle-flow trajectories are examined and optimized in order to increase traffic-throughput and reduce traffic-delays under the environmental-constraints of the target deployment site.

Keywords: Intelligent transportation systems, modeling and simulation, road-network traffic evaluation, traffic-management optimization.

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Omar Tayan
Department of Networks and Communication Systems, College of Computer Science and Engineering, Taibah University.

Abdullah Al-Binali
Department of Networks and Communication Systems, College of Computer Science and Engineering, Taibah University.

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