Sunday 21st of January 2018

EOCTC: Energy Efficient Ordered Congestion Tolerant and Control Routing Topology for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

T.Suryaprakash Reddy and Dr P.Chenna Reddy

The impacts of moving directions and speed of the nodes in mobile ad hoc networks leads link failure very often. This route failures causes resource cost due to route rediscovery and multiple transmissions. Often the protocol used in mobile ad hoc routing mislead by assuming link failure as congestion state and then continues retransmissions of the dropped packets, which is severely effects by wasting energy resources. In this context, our earlier work proposed a cross layered routing topology in short OCC to improve the clogging recognition and managing policy. With the motivation gained from OCC, we further proposed an Energy Efficient Ordered Congestion Control routing topology (EOCC) for mobile ad hoc networks. The goal of EOCC is to advance communication performance of OCC with energy efficiency that used for packet transmission. Here in this paper we introduced a novel path restoration strategy to tolerate the congestion state at hop level node that participating in routing. The Proposed protocol is a cross layered and power conserved routing topology for congestion tolerance and control, which is an extension to our earlier cross layered and power conserved routing topology in short EOCC. The proposed protocol can be referred as Energy Efficient Ordered Congestion Tolerant and Control (EOCTC) Routing Topology. The experiment results emerged as an evidence for EOCTC performance and scalability. Better resource utilization, energy efficiency can be observed in data transmission and congestion tolerance achieved due to path restoration strategy and congestion control is effective.

Keywords: Manet, routing protocol, congestion control, OCC, EOCC, cross layer.

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T.Suryaprakash Reddy
Associate Professor and HOD of CSE S.K.D. Engineering College Gooty, Anantapur (dist.), A.P

Dr P.Chenna Reddy
Associate Professor of CSE JNTU College of Engineering Pulivendula, Kadapa (dist.), A.P

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