Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Energy Efficient Topology Control Approach for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

T.S.Asha and N.J.R.Muniraj

In MANET, energy consumption and network connectivity are the two very important issues. Due to the mobility of the nodes, the network partition occurs unlimitedly. To avoid this, several researches concentrated on this issue. But it is not focused on constantly. In this work, we developed Energy Efficient Topology Control Approach (EETCA) is developed to attain both network connectivity and energy consumption. It consists of three main parts. Network and Interference model is introduced to make sure the network connectivity. Energy based topology control is developed to ensure more energy efficiency. Here the power consumption is also determined and validated in each and every route. Energy level of node is equally maintained in both route discovery and route maintenance phase. Packet format of EETCA is proposed which consists of power consumption and link availability. If any link is broken more power consumption will be occupied. So the status of link availability is keep on monitoring during this phase. By using the extensive simulation results using Network Simulator (NS2), the proposed scheme EETCA achieves better network lifetime, packet delivery ratio, less overhead and end to end delay than the existing schemes like NCTC and DM.

Keywords: MANET, Interference, network connectivity, network lifetime, packet delivery ratio, end to end delay, overhead.

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Mrs. T.S. Asha is presently working as the Associate professor in N S S College of Engineering, Palakkad. She has 20 years of teaching experiences and published one international journal and five national papers. She had taken her B.E Degree from The Indian Engineering College, Vadakkankulam in 1990. She has her M Tech degree in Opto Electronics and Laser technology from Cochin university of Science and Technology. Her research area include Wireless mobile communication and Optical communication.

Dr. N.J.R.Muniraj is presently working as a Principal of Tejaa Shakthi institute of Technology, Coimbatore. He has more than 23 years of teaching and five years of industrial experience. He has presented more than 40 National and International papers and published fifteen international journal papers. His research area includes VLSI Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Image Processing and MEMS. He is also heading the Tejaa Shakthi Innovation centre.

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