Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Embedding Hex-Cells into Tree-Hypercube Networks

Awad Ibrahim Qatawneh

Graph embedding or graph mapping is an important aspect for interconnection networks used for communication between processors in parallel systems. Some parallel algorithms use communication structures which can be represented by hex-cells. In order to run these algorithms on a tree-hypercube multiprocessor system, without changing the current topology and the running application, their communication graphs need to be embedded into tree- hypercube. In this research, we have designed an algorithm for embedding hex-cells of n nodes into tree-hypercube TH(2,d) where d = 2. The embedding has dilation one, congestion one, and expansion 1.1. In the algorithm an embedding of irregular shape of hex-cells into tree-hypercube TH(2,d) where d = 2 is performed.

Keywords: Graph Embedding, Hex-Cells, Tree-Hypercube networks, Parallel Systems

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Awad Ibrahim Qatawneh
Awad Qatawneh is a Full Time Lecturer at the Computer and Information Department at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He earned his Bachelorís degree in Computer Science in 2004 from Mutah University, Jordan, and his Masters in Computer Science in 2009 from Middle East University for Graduate Studies, Jordan.

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