Friday 19th of January 2018

Efficient Implementation of oPass User Authentication Protocol

Laiali Almazaydeh, Ketul Patel, Raul Timbadiya, Siddhartha Chauhan, Abiodun Adeleke and Khaled Elleithy

Nowadays, most of the web-based applications requires typing textual password to confirm ones identity to remote service. However, applying textual password for authentication purpose has considerable security attacks such as password stealing attack and password reuse attack. Therefore, various approaches are proposed for securing user authentication to login to a website. In this paper, we improve a user authentication system named oPass which referred to online password. The identity of the user will be authenticated through cellular phone which is used to generate a one-time session password, then transmit the encrypted message through short message service. With the proposed technique, a deeper user authentication is performed without revealing password to the untrusted computers.

Keywords: opass; authentication; security; sms, textual password.

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Laiali Almazaydeh
Al-Hussein University

Ketul Patel
University of Bridgeport

Raul Timbadiya
University of Bridgeport

Siddhartha Chauhan
University of Bridgeport

Abiodun Adeleke
University of Bridgeport

Khaled Elleithy
University of Bridgeport

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