Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Effectiveness of Online Job Recruitment System: Evidence from the University of the East

Mary Grace G. Ventura and Rex P. Bringula

The purpose of the study was to develop an online recruitment software that would facilitate the fast and accurate selection of qualified applicants. The Modified Waterfall Model was utilized in the development of the software. The developed software was then evaluated by six groups of respondents to determine the effectiveness of the system in terms of performance, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness. Descriptive statistics revealed that the software was effective. Analysis of variance showed that there was no significant difference in the evaluation of the six groups on the effectiveness of the developed online recruitment system. This indicated that the six groups of respondents had the same rating on the effectiveness of the software. It implies that the software would perform its function effectively by selecting qualified applicants within a shorter period of time. Thus, it was recommended that the system be adopted by the University. Recommendations to improve the software were also offered.

Keywords: Cost-effectiveness, Online Recruitment, Performance, Recruitment, Reliability, Security

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Mary Grace G. Ventura
Mary Grace G. Ventura received her bachelorís degree in Computer Science from City College of Manila and her Masterís degree in Information Technology at Adamson University. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate in Technology Management at the Technological University of the Philippines. She is presently the Chairperson of Entertainment and Multimedia Computing of the College of Computer Studies and Systems (CCSS), University of the East. She has been teaching Web Page design, Database Managament, Systems Quality Assurance and Computer Ethics for almost 10 years at CCSS. Her research interests include blended learning, e-learning, and web-based systems such as e-recruitment.

Rex P. Bringula
Rex P. Bringula, Ph.D., is a professor at the University of the East (UE), College of Computer Studies and Systems. He received his BS Computer Science degree from UE as a Department of Science and Technology scholar. He obtained his Master in Information Technology and Ph.D. in Technology Management degrees from the Technological University of the Philippines. He has been involved in conducting school- and government-funded research projects, and he has been presenting papers in local and international conferences. He is an active editorial board member of local and international journals. His research interests are in computer science/IT education, affective computing, Internet studies, cyber-behavior, web usability, and environmental issues. Recently, his paper received a MERIT Paper Award given by the International Conference on Software Engineering 2013 at Hong Kong, China.

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