Sunday 21st of January 2018

Effect of the MMF Curvature in the System Capacity of an Optical MIMO Channel Using MGDM Technique

Faîçal Baklouti and Rabah Attia

Due to its enormous bandwidth, MultiMode Fiber (MMF) seems the only medium able to offer a broadband multiservice system using Mode Group Diversity Multiplexing (MGDM) technique. As an Optical Multiple Input Multiple Output (O-MIMO) method, MGDM exploits efficiently the fiber bandwidth by spatial launching and reception, so that the capacity is increased. However, the propagation of modes in the MMF is subjected to several spreading effects which disturb and degrade the transmission performance of the optical fiber. In addition, the choice of optimal injection and reception conditions are not enough to improve the transmission, but the mechanical effects acting on the channel play an important role in the use of this technique. In this paper, we study the impact of the fiber curvature as the single factor which affects an O-MIMO channel using MGDM technique. Simulation results showing the decrease of the system capacity are also presented to support the efficiency of this study.

Keywords: Channel Capacity, Fiber Curvature, O-MIMO, MGDM, MMF

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Faîçal Baklouti
UR-CSE, Polytechnic school of Tunis

Rabah Attia
UR-CSE, Polytechnic school of Tunis

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