Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Detection Of Structural Damages In Bridge Based On ZigBee Networks Using Sensors

R.Vinodini, S.Nalini and D.Muthumurugesan

Monitoring the damages in the bridge is an increasing concern for the benefit of public .The major challenge is to ensure that the condition of the civil infrastructure bridge is capable of can withstanding the cumulative weight of all the vehicles that travel in the bridge. In this framework, the ZigBee protocol is used for monitoring the bridges damages that exist in civil infrastructure, these damages are identified by using three types of sensors namely flex, load cell and vibration sensor. The load cell is used to find the capacity of bridge. The flex and vibration sensor is used to identify the internal and external damages .If damage is detected via ZigBee communication the damage detection is informed to the Base Station.

Keywords: ZigBee, flex sensor, vibration sensor, load cell.

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