Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Designing an intelligent system for the automatic distribution of narcotic drugs

Samaneh Haji Mohammad Bagher, Mehdi Amini, Javad Aryatabar and Mahmoud Keimasi Salkhor

The anti-pain Opioid medicines (narcotics) is being used in the special wards of hospitals for pains after operations, general anesthesia or patients which are under operations in which their blood circulation store is generally low, cancer pains, chronic pains and episodic pains. In studying this system, first the consumption amount of the mentioned medicine used by different sections of hospitals during a period of 6 months has been observed and the methods used during injection of a narcotic medicine to a patient have been observed. The purpose of the study: studying the importance and necessity of the intelligent Narcotic Medicine system in medical centers and hospitals.

Keywords: Electro mechanical systems, ATM system, Opiodic medicine (Narcotics)

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Samaneh Haji Mohammad Bagher
BS in Electrical engineering Telecommunications, 2012, researcher of power in Young researchers and Elite club, langeroud branch,Islamic Azad university, langeroud

Mehdi Amini
Master in English, 2012, university teacher of BASIR university.

Javad Aryatabar
BS in Electrical Engineering Control , 2012, researcher of power in Young researchers and Elite club, science and research branch, Islamic Azad university, Tehran.

Mahmoud Keimasi Salkhor
Medical Emergencies- red crescent , Ghazvin Abyek ,Iran.

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