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Design and implementation of a Telco Business Intelligence Solution using eTOM, SID and Business Metrics: focus on Data Mart and Application on Order-To-Payment end to end process

Mounire Benhima, John P. Reilly, Zaineb Naamane, Meriam Kharbat, Mohammed Issam Kabbaj and Oussama Esqalli

Facing the new market challenges, service providers are looking for solutions to improve three major business areas namely the Customer Experience, the Operational Efficiency and Revenue and Margin. To meet the business requirements related to these areas, service providers are going through three major transformation programs namely the Business Support Systems (BSS) transformation program for Customer related aspects, the Operations Support System (OSS) transformation program for mainly service Fulfillment and Assurance and Resource (Application, Computing and Network) Fulfillment and Assurance, and Time To Market (TTM) Transformation program for Products and Services development and management. These transformations are about making a transition from a current situation with all its views (Ex.: Process, Information, Application, Technology) to a desired one. The information view transformation is about reorganizing and reengineering the existing information to be used for the day to day activities and reporting to support decision making. For reporting purpose, service providers have to invest in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for which the main purpose is to provide the right information in a timely manner to efficiently support the decision making. One of the key BI challenges is to model an information structure addressing a specific subject area, named Data Mart, where to host data coming from multiple sources. The purpose of this paper is to suggest a step by step methodology to design a Telco Data Mart, one of the fundamental BI components. Order-To-Payment, an end to end customer process, will be used as an application for this methodology. Our methodology consists on bringing together the concepts of business intelligence and the telecom business frameworks developed by the TM Forum: the Business Process Framework (eTOM), the Information Framework (SID), and the Business Metrics. Throughout this paper we will highlight the different tasks leading to the implementation of the Telco BI solution, including the scoping and mapping between the different telecom frameworks which aim was to refine the work already done by the TM Forum members and to create the missing links between the three frameworks, selecting the convenient performance and quality indicators (KPI), modeling the Customer Experience Data Mart and elaborating the dashboard system. The advantage of this solution is its ability to adapt to any Telco enterprise architecture since its built around the business standards.

Keywords: Business Process Framework, eTOM, Information Framework, SID, Business Metrics, Information, Business Entities, Business Intelligence, Data Mart, ETL, Customer Experience, end to end processes, Order to Payment, OLAP, dashboard, Operational Efficiency, cubes, quality of service (QoS), RUP, GIMSI.

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Mounire Benhima
M. Benhima Mounire Benhima is a Senior Consultant, specializing in Business Transformation with its implementation challenges. 15 years of experience in various industrial environments (mainly ICT) in many countries (Africa, America, Europe, Asia). He is distinguished to be the first one in the world to be certified The Business Process Framework Level4 (The highest The Business Process Framework certification level) with the highest score when it was an essay. He is also part of the international TM Forum Trainers Panel (21 members as per August 2012). Mounire has held various key consulting positions and has led numerous groups in major business transformation projects. As a result of his experience and background, Mounire has developed extensive operational and strategic skills in the Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation with their impact on the organizational structure, quality management, business process engineering, information system governance, and change management.

John P. Reilly
J. P. Reilly John P. Reilly is member of the TM Forumís technical staff and a master trainer for the TM Forum. His technical staff responsibilities include providing Information Framework (SID) model and the Integration Framework subject matter expertise and program management in support of TM Forum programs and projects. In November 2005 John was elevated to Distinguished Fellow of the TM Forum in recognition of his contribution to the development of TM Forum Solution Frameworks (NGOSS) and the SID. He was instrumental in developing process and information models in support of the Forumís Revenue Assurance program. He is the author and co-author of a number of books and articles on these subjects.

Zaineb Naamane
Z. Naamane Zaineb Naamane is a Final year computer science engineering student at LíEcole Mohammadia DíIngénieurs, Rabat Morocco. Zaineb specializes in Information Systems and has a remarkable experience working with Business Intelligence software tools in designing and developing BI solutions. Zaineb has developed good team working skills during school projects and internships.

Meriam Kharbat
M. Kharbat Meriam Kharbat is a Final year computer science engineering student at LíEcole Mohammadia DíIngénieurs, Rabat Morocco. Meriam specializes in Software Quality and has an excellent Business Intelligence background acquired from the various projects held in the school and during internships.

Mohammed Issam Kabbaj
M.I Kabbaj Mohammad. Issam Kabbaj Ph.D degree in Computer Science with distinction in 2009; Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department-EMI; His interests include Software Process, Business Process, Risk Management, Process Mining, Dynamic Adaptation, MDA

Oussama Esqalli
O. Esqalli Oussama Esqalli is an IT / Business Process Management consultant, specializing in business transformation with a focus on processes and IT aspects, experience in various IT projects, he has a profile that combines the technical and functional aspects. He has contributed to the success of many missions of organization and business transformation; also he has led many projects of development and integration of software.

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