Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Design a Secure Electronic Voting System Using Fingerprint Technique

Sanjay Kumar and Manpreet Singh

Fingerprint biometric is the most widely deployed publicized biometrics for identification. This is largely due to its easy and cost effective integration in existing and upcoming technologies. The integration of biometric with electronic voting machine undoubtedly requires less manpower, save much time of voters and personnel, eliminate rigging, ensure accuracy, transparency and fast results in election. In this paper, a framework for electronic voting machine based on biometric verification is proposed and implemented. The proposed framework ensures secured identification and authentication processes for the voters and candidates through the use of fingerprint biometrics.

Keywords: EVM, Fingerprint, Biometric, Fingerprint module.

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Sanjay Kumar
Mr. Sanjay Kumar is presently working as Associate Professor & Dean Academics,Information Technology Department of Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Greater Noida (UP). Sanjay Kumar is in teaching since 2002. He has completed his M.Tech(CSE) from I.P.University Delhi in 2005 and is currently enrolled as a Ph.D scholar from M.M.University Mullana- Ambala (HR) in the department of Computer Science & Engineering.His Research area is Biometric Security System.

Manpreet Singh
Dr. Manpreet Singh is presently working as Principal of M. M. University, Ambala. He has about 12 years of experience in teaching and research. He obtained his B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph.D. from Kurukshetra University. He has published about 25 research papers in international and Indian journals and conferences. His current research interest includes Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Distributed Databases, MANETs etc.

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