Friday 23rd of February 2018

Deployment of Palm Recognition Approach using Image Processing Technique

Jugal Kishore Patel and Sanjay Kumar Dubey

In this paper we discuss a method of palm print recognition in which there is no chance of forgetting password is possible and even no one can theft your password and it is used by only the intended human being. In this method only palm of human is password and the ID as well. Here we are developing a system or software where palm image is used for the authentication purpose of the person and similarly palm print image of human works as a password for the person. The image of palm is used for the enrollment and verification purpose. The image of palm works as the password for human who may be used at different place by the same person such as for the login purpose, gate entry, attendance purpose or for any other system as well where authentication of the person is possible. Main work in this technique is to pre-process the image and then enrollment in the system because while during verification purpose the data must already present in the database for the authentication purpose. This palm print provides better security for identification purpose as compared to other method and services where person need to prove their identity.

Keywords: Keywords: Palm recognition, bio Metric, Distance transformation, ROI (region of interest), image pre-processing, and Principle lines.

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Jugal Kishore Patel
CSE Dept. Amity University, Sec-125 Noida India

Sanjay Kumar Dubey
CSE Dept. Amity University, Sec-125 Noida India

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