Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Criticality estimation of IT business functions with the Business Continuity Testing Points method for implementing effective recovery exercises of crisis scenarios

Athanasios Podaras and Tomas Zizka

The primary goal of the present paper is the introduction of a new approach to defining IT unit business functions exact criticality levels and respectively categorize them to the appropriate recovery tests, prior to their thorough documentation which includes actual desired recovery timeframes. The method is entitled as Business Continuity Testing Points and it is based on the concept of Use Case Points, a fundamental project estimation tool utilized for sizing of object-oriented system development. The aim of the contribution is to ameliorate the existing manual way of determining recovery time of IT business functions that is based exclusively on experience of IT personnel, by introducing a calculation method of multiple factors that can negatively affect the recovery process. The elimination of damage as a result of tested immediate response action in a crisis situation that disrupts core IT operations constitutes the aimed advantage of the proposed contribution.

Keywords: Business Continuity Management, Business Function Criticality, Use Case Points, Business Continuity Testing Points

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Athanasios Podaras
Athanasios Podaras received a Ph.D degree (2010) in Information Management, an MSc Diploma (2005) in Informatics from Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Department of Information Engineering (Czech Republic), and a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture from Technical University of Kalamata Greece (2001). He is currently a Post - Doctoral researcher in the Technical University of Liberec, Informatics Department. His research interests include areas such as Business Process Requirement Analysis, Business Continuity Management and IT System Recovery in crisis situations, Development of Early warning Information Systems, Applied Information Technologies in Agriculture.

Tomas Zizka
Tomas Zizka has been working since 2006 as a lecturer at the Economics Faculty of the Technical University in Liberec in the Department of Computer Science. He is currently studying a PhD study program System Engineering and Informatics in field of study called economic informatics. Title of the dissertation is the possibility of targeted receiving in non-standard situations. His research interests include areas such as Information Management in the Event of Traffic Accidents, Distribution of Information in Case of Non-standard Situations, Development of Early warning Information Systems

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