Friday 23rd of February 2018

Compression of an AVI Video File Using Fractal System

Nevart A. Yousif and Faten H. Al-Qadhee

Compression of video files has become a necessity and very important because of transmission and storage of uncompressed video would be extremely costly and impractical.In this paper, the theory of fractal image compression is used to compress an Audio/ Video Interleaved file (AVI) Video file. The problem that the typical fractal compression approaches always discussed, is the long encoding time. A fast fractal image compression (FFIC) approach is used based on centralized moment descriptors to encode the video file images with low encoding time and high quality. The first stage is opening the AVIvideo file and split its signal into separated images (frames) of type bitmap (BMP). In the second stage the digital image or frame of digital video is transformed from Red-Green-Blue(RGB) color space to the YCbCr color space image which is based on luminance (L) and chrominance (C) values.In third stage, each of the YCbCr components (y, Cb, and Cr) is compressed alone using FFIC and the fractal codes are savedgenerating a highly scalable layered bit stream that can be decoded at different qualities in terms of spatial resolution. The decoded images can be displayed at arbitrary resolution, with a high compression ratio. Furthermore, the algorithm is designed to require only a minimal coding delay. In the decoding stage all used compression techniques are executed in inverse sequence to obtain the decompressed image of video file and then reconstruct the AVI video file.

Keywords: Video Compression, Video Coding, Fractal Image Compression, IFS, Centralized Moment.

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Nevart A. Yousif
Nevart A. Yousif, Assistant teacher, Faculty of Technical Institute in Kirkuk--raq, B.Sc in Computer Science in Mosul University, 1989. In 1989 started job as assistant lecturer at the Technical Institute /Kirkuk. M.Sc in Image Processing ,collage of Science in Sulaimania University-Iraq in 2009. Research Interests: image and video compression techniques (transform coding, fractals, wavelet), Networks and simulation.

Faten H. Al-Qadhee
Faten Hasan Mohammed Al-Qadhee Assistant Professor in Faculty of Technical Institute in Kirkuk-raq,Graduated in Mathematical Department /College of Science-University of Mosul with the degree of Bsc., In 1982 started job as assistant lecturer at the Technical Institute /Kirkuk.In 1987 graduated from the Computer National Center with the degree of Msc. in Computer Science department, In 2006 graduated from the Technology University-Iraq with the degree of Ph.D. in Computer sciences. Research Interests: image and video compression techniques, image recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

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