Sunday 21st of January 2018

Communication and Control in Home Gateway

Shuanji Zhang and Minzhe Zhang

This paper introduces the design of home gateway communication control part, including the network interface circuit, network interface driver, client / server (C/S) mode of communication, embedded server programming, remote client programming .The server uses LPC2290 as the processing chip, the transplantation of uClinux operating system, in the redhat9.0 environment, developed the core control program, and terminal subroutine; client software is designed by VC++ , running on Windows platform, convenient for the user to control the home gateway, and the operation of network appliances. As a result, the server program runs stably and reliably, the client software control network appliance normal operation, can meet the needs of intelligent home control system.

Keywords: Home Gateway, communication£¨control

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Shuanji Zhang
Shuanji Zhang finished Master Degree in School of computer Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology in 2005, is an Associate Professor in Physics and Electronic Information School, Luoyang Normal University, He has been finished three fund projects of Henan province science and technology research, His main research interests include Control theory, automatic device , embedded system.

Minzhe Zhang
Minzhe Zhang is a junior student in school of electric engineering and automation, Hefei university of technology, She has won three scholarships from the university and other enterprises. presently undertakes an innovation training project in her school. Her research interests incline to control theory and control engineering.

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