Friday 23rd of February 2018

Building web crawler based on bee swarm intelligent algorithm

Muhamed Ibrahim Shujaa and Ahmed Bahaa Ulddin

Search engines are using web spiders to crawl the web in order to collect copies of the web sites for their databases, these spiders usually use the technique of breadth first search which is non-guided (blind) depends on visiting all links of any web site and one by one. This paper proposed a new algorithm for crawling web depending on swarm intelligence techniques, the adopted algorithm is bee swarm algorithm which takes the behavior of the bee for its work, the result in terms of speed and accuracy which means the relevancy of the collected sites.

Keywords: web crawling, crawlers, bee swarm algorithm, swarm intelligence

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Muhamed Ibrahim Shujaa
Author Muhamed I. Shujaa is a lecturer in the technical college of management in Iraq, has Bsc in Electrical and Computer in engineering in 1996 American university politehnical Bucharest, PhD in computer engineering 2003 at the same university and participated in many conferences and workshops about informatics inside and outside Iraq. Lecturer in informatics dept. technical college Baghdad 2004-2006. Lecturer Syrian university of technology 2006-2009.lecturer informatics dept,2010 till now. Teaching Networks,Iss,C++.

Ahmed Bahaa Ulddin
Ahmed bahaa aldeen is an assistance lecturer in the technical college of management in Iraq, has Bsc in computer science in 2001 from technological university and Msc. In computer science from Iraqi commission for computers and informatics in 2005, participate in many conferences and workshops about informatics inside Iraq, from 2006 till now teaching algorithms and databases in the technical college.

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