Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Blind Fake Image detection

Nidhal Khdhair El Abbadi, Adil Mohamad Hassan and Mudher Mohammed Al-Nwany

With the great convenience of computer graphics and digital imaging, it becomes much easier to alter the content of images than before without any visually traces to catch these manipulations. Many fake images are produced whose content is feigned. Thus, the images cannot be judged whether they are real or not visually. In order to detect fake images, this paper proposes a blind detection uses singular value decomposition (SVD) as a classifier to make a binary decision on whether an image is fake or real. This work is an improvements process to an existence method to detect fake image using SVD. The experimental results prove the effectiveness of this algorithm to detect any small changes in image even with one dot of real image.

Keywords: SVD, fake image, singular value decomposition, image processing

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Nidhal Khdhair El Abbadi
Nidhal El Abbadi, received BSc in Chemical Engineering, MSc, and PhD in computer science, worked in industry and many universities, he is general secretary of colleges of computing and informatics society in Iraq, Member of Editorial board of Journal of Computing and Applications, reviewer for a number of international journals, has many published papers and three published books (Programming with Pascal, C++ from beginning to OOP, Data structures in simple language), his research interests are in image processing, biomedical, and steganography, Hes Associate Professor in Computer Science in the University of Kufa Najaf, IRAQ.

Adil Mohamad Hassan
In 1963 born in Najaf city, Iraq .Has MSc in applied mathematics from university of Technology, Baghdad. Has PhD in fractal geometry. He is a viewer of scientific journals and conferences. A member of ministerial committee for updating the career . A member of ministerial virtual learning. More than 25 papers was published in locally journals and conference .

Mudher Mohammed Al-Nwany
He graduate from College of education department of mathematics AL-Mustanseria University /Baghdad 1994, Worked as a teacher of Mathematics in the secondary schools, currently MSc. student.

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