Monday 19th of February 2018

Based on RFID Products Information Tracing Anti-counterfeiting Strategy Design and Application

Jiao Yabing

Research one security policy in the INTERNET GSM or other possible environments based on the uniqueness and uniformity of RFID chips code and EPC. Its basic process: the data in RFID chipsproducts databaseverification. Its technological process: the READER reads encrypted data in RFID chips some kind of products corresponding and uploads the data to public networks. The EPC database on line returns user verification after data processing. According to the strategy of anti-counterfeiting technology, the introduction of PKI technology on digital certificate management, system describes the digital certificate application and verification process. Finally, the introduction of the hash algorithm, design implementation process RFID tag-based anti-counterfeiting, and various algorithms and comparative analysis of tags, readers secure communications mechanism.

Keywords: radio frequency identification; security policy; guarding against fakes; Public Key Infrastructure; hash algorithm

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Jiao Yabing
JIAO YABING: Shandong Yingcai University teacher, Master\'s degree in 2008, since 2012 in Dhurakij Pundit University PhD,the major professional direction information management.

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