Friday 23rd of February 2018

Applying Encryption Algorithm for Data Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

Mohit Marwaha and Rajeev Bedi

Cloud computing is the next big thing after internet in the field of information technology; some say its a metaphor for internet. It is an Internet-based computing technology, in which software, shared recourses and information, are provided to consumers and devices on-demand, and as per users requirement on a pay per use model. Even though the cloud continues to grow in popularity, Usability and respectability, Problems with data protection and data privacy and other Security issues play a major setback in the field of Cloud Computing. Privacy and security are the key issue for cloud storage. Encryption is a well known technology for protecting sensitive data. Use of the combination of Public and Private key encryption to hide the sensitive data of users, and cipher text retrieval. The paper analyzes the feasibility of the applying encryption algorithm for data security and privacy in cloud Storage.

Keywords: Keywords: Cloud Storage, Cipher text retrieval, encryption algorithm.

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Mohit Marwaha
Mohit Marwaha completed BTech from Beant College of Engineering and Technology in 2008 Pursuing MTech from Beant College of Engineering and Technology I have published two papers one in an international jouranal and other in an international conference and is presently working with Beant college of Engineering and Technology as Assistant Professor. Area of Research is security on cloud computing.

Rajeev Bedi
Rajeev Bedi completed B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering in 2000 and M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering in 2008 from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar and Pursuing PhD from CMJ University Shillong. Currently Working as Assistant Professor in Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur since 2004. I am Reviewer of IJCSIT journal. I have 13 publications in different Internationl, National Journals and Conferences. My current research interest is Cloud Computing.

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