Monday 19th of February 2018

Application of equivalent permeability in numerical simulation of horizontal wells in bottom water reservoirs

Li-Feng Li, Bing-Bing Wang and Xiang-An Yue

Coupled flow model used in numerical simulation of horizontal well in bottom water reservoir is difficulty to resolve. In this paper, equivalent permeability was introduced to improve numerical simulation with considering pressure drop in horizontal well of bottom water reservoir. The pressure drop formula in horizontal well was derived according to material and momentum balance. Equivalent permeability of two phase flow in horizontal well was defined based on pressure drop formula. By use of equivalent permeability, the correlation between pressure drop and velocity was deformed to the same as Darcys Law and horizontal well can be treated as the reservoir. Instead of coupled flow model, the same mathematics model of two phase flow in reservoir and horizontal well were established. In application, the reservoir and wellbore were given different data of porosity, permeability and saturation. In time region, the results got at the time step of j were transferred to time step of j+1, which was used to calculate equivalent permeability at time step of i+1. Case study indicated that numerical simulation based on equivalent permeability could be used in research of horizontal well.

Keywords: Reservoir with bottom water, Horizontal well, Numerical simulation, Equivalent permeability, Pressure drop in horizontal well.

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Li-Feng Li
Li-feng Li was born in 1985. He is PhD candidate at China University of Petroleum (Beijing).His major is oil and gas development. His research interest is enhanced oil recovery and water breakthrough law of horizontal well in reservoir with bottom water.

Bing-Bing Wang
Dongsheng Group Co, Ltd of Shengli Oilfield, Dongying 257000, China

Xiang-An Yue
Xiang-an Yue is a professor in China University of Petroleum (Beijing), His main research interest is Enhanced Oil Recovery in low permeability reservoir..

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