Friday 23rd of February 2018

An Improved AES Masking Method Smartcard Implementation for Resisting DPA Attacks

Xiaoan Zhou, Juan Peng and Liping Guo

To improve the DPA (Differential Power Analysis) resistance of a cryptographic device such as a smartcard and facilitate the implementation of hardware, the paper proposes an improved masking method on AES for resisting DPA. The paper uses a multiplicative inversion in finite field GF (2^4) instead of GF (2^8) to reduce the complexity of the operation. The key of the presented method is to make each intermediate result being masked by random numbers multiplexing and corresponding affine transformation to eliminate the vulnerabilities to power analysis attacks in the implementation of AES. The experimental results show that the scheme is efficient and security against the DPA attacks, and the masking algorithm have already been implemented on the smartcard.

Keywords: DPA, AES, masking, security, random numbers multiplexing, smartcard.

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Xiaoan Zhou
Xiaoan ZHOU, born in 1968, Ph.D., associate professor, master supervisor. He is working as a vice dean in the Information and engineering institution at ShenZhen University. He is IEEE communication association member and Shenzhen science and technology committee evaluation expert. His research interests include communication information processing and information security. He has published and presented in journal, international and national level conferences.

Juan Peng
Juan PENG, born in 1988, master candidate. Her research interest is information security.

Liping Guo
Liping GUO, born in 1987, master candidate. His research interest is Cryptography.

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