Tuesday 20th of February 2018

An Eccentric Scheme for Oblivious Communication

Khan Farhan Rafat and Muhammad Sher

Trust is the foremost requirement in any form of communication. Building trust through physical contact, gesture etc. is easy but hard to establish in electronic data communication as one cant be sure of the presence of the intended recipient at the other end. This necessitated the need to devise and suggest covert schemes for oblivious communication that only the intended recipient may unveil. Steganography is one such technique where information to be sent is seamlessly superimposed on the carrier such that it easily crosses the information confronting barriers without detection. This paper endeavors at evolving a data hiding scheme envisaged by Shannon and in adherence to Kerchoffs principle that hides secret information inside statistically random English alphabets appearing as cryptogram. Effect of bit embedding is computed through contrasting probability distribution of cover text and stego object.

Keywords: Information Theoretic Security, Cryptogram, Trust, Oblivious Communication, Steganography.

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Khan Farhan Rafat
KHAN FARHAN RAFAT is a Ph.D. Scholar at International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan. He did MCS from Gomal University, D.I.K. followed by MS in Telecommunication Engineering from UMT, Lahore Pakistan. As a veteran of information security with almost 24 years of hands-on experience he has worked in varied roles in areas not limited only to programming, evaluation & analysis of Software/Hardware based security modules, and formulating security policies.

Muhammad Sher
Professor Dr. Muhammad Sher is Dean Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences at International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan. He received B.Sc. degree from Islamia University Bahawalpur and M.Sc. degree from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. His Ph.D. is from TU Berlin, Germany in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. His area of research is Next Generation Networks Security. An eminent Scholar who has a number of research publications to his credit.

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