Sunday 18th of February 2018

An Approach to Secure Mobile Enterprise Architectures

Florian Georg Furtmüller

Due to increased security awareness of enterprises for mobile applications operating with sensitive or personal data as well as extended regulations form legislative (the principle of proportionality) various approaches, how to implement (extended) two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication or virtual private network within enterprise mobile environments to ensure delivery of secure applications, have been developed. Within mobile applications it will not be sufficient to rely on security measures of the individual components or interested parties, an overall concept of a security solution has to be established which requires the interaction of several technologies, standards and system components. These include the physical fuses on the device itself as well as on the network layer (such as integrated security components), security measures (such as employee agreements, contract clauses), insurance coverage, but also software technical protection at the application level (e.g. password protection, encryption, secure container). The purpose of this paper is to summarize the challenges and practical successes, providing best practices to fulfill appropriate risk coverage of mobile applications. I present a use case, in order to proof the concept in actual work settings, and to demonstrate the adaptability of the approach.

Keywords: Mobile Security Architecture, Authentication, Security, Integration Architecture & Interoperability, Privacy & Trust

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Florian Georg Furtmüller
Florian G. Furtmüller studied business informatics at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. He earned his master degree in 2007 and subsequently, started his work as Enterprise Portal Consultant for SAP and IBM systems at IDS Scheer Austria GmbH. He has more than five years of experience in application integration architectures SOA, WOA, EDA, MDA and design patterns, especially with enterprise portals and components. He is currently working for Computer Sciences Consulting Austria GmbH, department for Solution Integration & Architecture as Senior Consultant and Application Architect. Mr. Furtmüller is co-author of A Tuple-Space based Middleware for Collaborative Tangible User Interfaces in Proceedings of WETICE 07, IEEE Press, 2007, ISBN 0-7695-2879-1, a collaboration with Stefan Oppl.

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