Sunday 25th of February 2018

An Overview of New Ultra Lightweight RFID Authentication Protocol SASI

The blueprint of ultra-lightweight authentication protocols is very important to the pervasive deployment of low-cost RFIDs. This paper examines the security of a new ultra-lightweight RFID authentication protocols SASI. SASI, a newly recommended ultra-lightweight RFID protocol with enhanced sued security than earlier implemented protocols i.e. LMAP, M2AP, and EMAP. A proposed idea is given for its improvements. Since RFID tags are pervasive and at times even insensible to the human user, all modern RFID protocols are planned to battle tracking so that the position confidentiality of the human RFID user is not dishonored. An additional design measure for RFIDs is the squat computational attempt essential for tags, in view that the majority of tags are passive devices that originate power from an RFID reader's transmitted signals. Along this element, a class of ultra lightweight RFID authentication protocols have been planned that use only the most basic bitwise and arithmetic procedures like OR, XOR, addition, simple rotation, bit rotation etc. The rest of paper is organized as follows. In section 2 a brief introduction to the technology is presented. In section 3 we have analyzed some RFID protocol and SASI is discussed in detail. Existing problem is discussed in next section. Our proposed idea is explained in section 5. Steps in our algorithm along with complexity are given in section 6. Finally we conclude in section 7, along with future directions.


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