Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Aligning organization strategy to information system: The BUSITAME method - Application to University Information System

Karim Doumi

This paper proposes two major contributions. In the first, we propose a model of strategic alignment through our method BUSITAME (Business IT Alignment Modeling and Evaluation). A model that covers the strategic and operational level. As a second major contribution, we propose a set of metrics for assessing the strategic alignment of information systems. The proposed metrics include a significant number of entities that contribute to the construction of the alignment and provide assistance to architects throughout the evaluation process. Metrics that provide a quantitative assessment of the alignment and qualitative assessment through links alignment and the use of threshold and weights parameters. A prototype EBUSITAME (Editor for BUSITAME) was developed to support the method BUSITAME. Also this research has been validated through a case study of the emergency program of higher education in Morocco.

Keywords: Business IT Alignment, Goal modeling, enterprise architecture, information system, evaluation, metric

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Karim Doumi
ENSIAS, Université Mohammed V-Souissi, BP 713 Agdal - Rabat, Morocco

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