Sunday 21st of January 2018

Agent Based Secured Online Hotel Booking System

R.Jaya Subalakshmi, N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar, Sougata Khatua and Haleema

The ever-increasing growth of Internet users created a new business paradigm and opened up a new revenue model for the businesses which is termed as e-business or e-services. One such service is e-hotel booking service. Before the deployment of e-services, the process of finding an appropriate hotel in a required place was a time consuming and a tedious job and was done mostly through human agents who may not be trust-worthy. So people find it convenient and easy to book hotels over the Internet via the e-hotel booking services. Use of mobile agent technology for the development of online hotel booking system has addressed performance, automation and flexibility requirements of distributed applications. As e-transactions have increased tremendously in the past few years and Internet being a heterogeneous and non secure environment, it gives rise to many security issues such as privacy, authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation that are to be addressed by systems in which face to face interaction is not possible. Most of the online hotel booking systems does not provide the required level of security service because of which many problems arise in the systems such as denying, losing, misusing, stealing, double-spending etc. This paper addresses all the above security issues by developing a agent based Secured Online Hotel Booking System using the combination of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, AES and SHA-256.

Keywords: JADE, Symmetric Key Cryptography, Asymmetric Key Cryptography, Hash function, Hotel booking

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R.Jaya Subalakshmi
R. Jaya Subalakshmi is an Assistant Professor (Junior) in the School of Computing Science and Engineering at VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. She did M.Sc in Computer Science and Currently pursuing M.S.(By Research) in VIT University. Her research area is Cryptography, Data Privacy and Agent based Distributed Computing

N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar
N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar currently is the Director for Perivar EVR Central Library of VIT University, and also Senior Professor at the School of Computing Science and Engineering at VIT University, Vellore-632014, Tamil Nadu, India. His research interests include Agent-Based Distributed secure Computing, , Intelligent Information Retrieval , Computational Methods, Bio- Informatics, Cloud Computing and Fluid Mechanics. He has authored several textbooks and had nearly 140 research publications in reputed peer reviewed international journals. He served as PCM/reviewer for many international and IEEE conferences. He is Editor in Chief for International Journal of Software Engineering and Applications( IJSEA) of AIRCC, , Guest Editor for Special Issue on Cloud Computing and Services of Intíl J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences and Editorial Board member for International Journals like IJConvC (Inderscience -China), IJCA (USA) etc.,

Sougata Khatua
Sougata Khatua has received his B.Sc (Computer Science) degree from Midnapore College under Vidyasagar University, Paschim Medinipur , West Bengal, India. He pursued M.Sc (Computer Science) at VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu,India. His areas of Interest are Intelligent Distributed Computing, Cryptography and Information Security.

Haleema (M.C.A., M.Phil,, M.Tech) is an Assistant Professor (Senior) in the School of Social Science and Languages and pursuing her Ph.D. research work in the School of Computing Science and Engineering. Her area of research is Security in Cloud and Distributed Systems.

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