Sunday 21st of January 2018

Agent Based Approach for Searching Document in Semantic Web

Teguh Susyanto

The use of web service technology has increased and spread rapidly in many places providing dynamic information to meet the business goal of each provider. However, all of the existing facilities nowadays are just for the direct users (human) and it is still impossible for its users (machine) to consume it. It is hoped that the lack of the service provided in the conventional web service can be overcomed by using the semantic web services. Therefore the writer proposes the making of an application framework to integrate the web services in searching information of documents in many platforms. The application framework, which is formed, functions as a provider of the document information service by using intelligent agent technology and the semantic web services on a distributed application.

Keywords: Keywords: Web service, Intelligent Agent, Semantic Web Services.

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Teguh Susyanto
Wawan Laksito Andriani KKW

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