Thursday 22nd of February 2018

A Sort of Web Service Selection Strategy Based on the Fusion of QoS and Service Reliability

Yucheng Liu and Yubin Liu

Aimed at the Web function being too similar to quickly filter out Web services, the paper proposed a sort of selection strategy in Web service based on the fusion of QoS and reliability. The paper made the analysis on the limitations of the current selection mechanism and evaluated the Web service selection from two aspects in subjectivity and objectivity and constructed the model of Web service selection based on the model of QoS monitoring, target consumption group, service quality estimation and feedback evaluation. It took three cases as example to make the simulation and validated that the proposed strategy not only could adapt dynamic varying environment, but also could ensure the actual service quality and overcame the individual difference of evaluation. The research results demonstrate that the proposed strategy of service selection can filter speedily out the Web service needed by requester from the set of Web service in abundance.

Keywords: Web Function, Web Service, Fusion, Quality of Service, Service Reliability, Selection Strategy

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Yucheng Liu
College of Electrical & Information Engineering, Chongqing University of Science & Technology

Yubin Liu
School of Continuing Education, Panzhihua Univerisity

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