Friday 23rd of February 2018

A Search Algorithm Oriented to XML Keywords

Xingyuan Li

It is one of the core issues of XML keywords search algorithm about putting the hierarchical structure information of XML data into the index and making it support the efficient keyword search algorithm. This paper proposed a new a retrieval algorithm which was based on LAF coding; HBA, a bottom-up XML keyword search algorithm, and it can support a variety of search semantic models effectively. In experimental comparison with traditional keywords search algorithm, HBA algorithm not only has advantage of greater time efficiency, but also supports various XML keywords search semantic models effectively.

Keywords: XML keywords search, HBA algorithm, Two-layer, LAF numbering.

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Xingyuan Li
Xingyuan Li male, 1979, College of Information Engineering, Ningbo Dahongying University.Xueyuan Road No.999, 315175 Ningbo, China. Graduated from Guilin University of Electronic Technology, master of published papers, core, presided over the municipal level above topics. The main research direction of information retrieval, data mining, computer network.

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