Sunday 18th of February 2018

A Review on: Issues Related to Security on Tree Structure Data

Vivek N. Waghamre and Ravindra C. Thool

The problem of tree structured data is that it requires different Integrity and confidentiality for different portion of same content. Integrity assurance technique not only applies integrity to received data by user, but also any compromise to data that must be precisely determined. In tree structures each node contains some content and structural relationships between the nodes. Therefore, it considers structural integrity and content integrity. Confidentiality means a user receives only those nodes as well as organized information to user has privilege according to access control policies, wherever one should not infer others information. In this paper we reviewed different techniques related to dissemination of tree structured data that exploits structural properties of tree based data model (such as XML document). The approach is based on notion of encrypted post-order numbers which is based on post-order number properties. It facilitates efficient identification, extraction, distribution of selected content portions.

Keywords: Tree Structured Data, Integrity, Confidentiality

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Vivek N. Waghamre
Vivek N. Waghmare completed his B. Tech., M. Tech. from SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded, and Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, India in 2008 and 2010 respectively. He is currently pursuing his Ph. D. at SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded under SRTMUN, Nanded, India. His research area includes HPC and Network Security.

Ravindra C. Thool
Dr. Ravindra C. Thool received his BE, ME and Ph.D. in Electronics from SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded, India, in 1986, 1991 and 2003 respectively. He is currently working as professor and head with Information Technology department in the same organization. His research area includes Computer Vision, Image processing and multimedia information systems. He has published several research papers in refereed journals and professional conference proceedings. He is member of IEEE, Life member of ISTE.

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