Friday 19th of January 2018

A Review on Class Imbalance Problem: Analysis and Potential Solutions

Satyam Maheshwari, R C Jain and R S Jadon

The Imbalanced class problem is a recent challenge in data mining. A dataset is said to be imbalance when their classification categories are not properly mentioned, and the class which has fewer instances as compare to other classes is of more interest from the point of view of the learning task. Here we study about the various factors that influence the datasets and leads to imbalance the dataset like as Features selection, classification of imbalance datasets. Here in this paper, we also discussed about the various sampling methods utilize for dataset balancing and for getting measurable performance.

Keywords: Imbalanced classification, Preprocessing, Feature selection, Cost-sensitive learning, Ensemble learning.

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Satyam Maheshwari
Department of Computer Applications SATI, Vidisha, India

R C Jain
Ex-Director SATI, Vidisha, India

R S Jadon
Professor & Head, Department of Computer Applications MITS, Gwalior, India

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