Friday 23rd of February 2018

A Novel Steganography with Preserving Statistical Properties

Thamir Rashed Saeed

In this paper a novel algorithm is present to improve the capacity and security of stegaography technique. Where, the proposed work are based on three stages, first one is checking the statistical performance of the cover image. Second stage is splitting the pixels of cover image depending on the pixels values (edges). Then , at the third stage replacement one or two bits of cover image with massage or not depend on the pixels values in second stage. The results were, appear the detection probability by statistical calculation is 0 - 7.65 % with capacity 30-60 % and false-negative ratio is 76.8% and with distortion is 1.1-1.5%. The improvement that satisfied is 7.8% , 2.56% and 20% respectively.

Keywords: Steganography, LSB, Probability of Detection.

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Thamir Rashed Saeed
University of Technology

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