Tuesday 20th of February 2018

A Novel Color Image Cryptosystem Using Chaotic Cat and Chebyshev Map

Jianjiang Cui, Siyuan Li and Dingyu Xue

With the advancement of multimedia and real-time networks, a vast number of digital images are now stored and transmitted over public networks. A lot of researches of chaos-based image encryption technologies have been done. However, the performance of conventional encryption algorithm is not satisfying when used to color image. In this paper, we propose an improved chaos-based color image cryptosystem which significantly increases the efficiency and enhances the security performance. In this algorithm, firstly a color image is divided into three color channels. Then a bit-level permutation is performed in each channel, hence diffusion scheme is introduced into permutation stage. Meanwhile, we provide optional and partial cipher function. Detailed analysis of security performance and results show great advantages in speed, key space, correlation, information entropy ,etc.

Keywords: chaos-based, bit-level, color image encryption, Chebyshev map

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Jianjiang Cui
Jianjiang CUI received his PhD degree from Northestern University, China. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Northestern University, China. He also serves as the committee member of the Chinese Association of Automation. His major research interests are Industrial process control, computer simulation and digital image processing.

Siyuan Li
Siyuan LI received the BS degree in automation in 2012 from the Northeastern University, China. He is currently working toward the MS degree at Northestern University, China. His current areas of interest include information security, pattern recognition and image processing.

Dingyu Xue
Dingyu XUE received his PhD degree in 1992 from Sussex University, UK. He is currently the Professor of Northestern University, China. His major research interests are Fractional control system, computer-aided design of control system, system simulation and virtual reality, intelligent image processing technology and network control.

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