Thursday 22nd of February 2018

A Novel Block-DCT and PCA Based Image Perceptual Hashing Algorithm

Zeng Jie

Image perceptual hashing finds applications in content indexing, large-scale image database management, certification and authentication and digital watermarking. We propose a Block-DCT and PCA based image perceptual hash in this article and explore the algorithm in the application of tamper detection. The main idea of the algorithm is to integrate color histogram and DCT coefficients of image blocks as perceptual feature, then to compress perceptual features as inter-feature with PCA, and to threshold to create a robust hash. The robustness and discrimination properties of the proposed algorithm are evaluated in detail. Experimental results show that the proposed image perceptual hash algorithm can effectively address the tamper detection problem with advantageous robustness and discrimination.

Keywords: image hash; perceptual hash; tamper detection; PCA

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Zeng Jie
College of Information Engineering, Shenzhen University

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