Sunday 21st of January 2018

A New Secure Geographical Routing Protocol Based on Location Pairwise Keys in Wireless Sensor Networks

Haixia Zhao, Yaowei Li, Jincheng Shen, Mingchuan Zhang, Ruijuan Zheng and Qingtao Wu

Geographical and Energy Aware Routing (GEAR) is an efficient routing protocol in wireless sensor networks (WSN). It behaves well in the face of routing attacks, but it is incapable of defending bogus routing information, sybil attack and selective forwarding. Aimed at this problem, this paper present a location pairwise keys bootstrap scheme based secure geographical and energy aware routing protocol (SGEAR). SGEAR adapted to WSN very well. Then we give the performance analyses of SGEAR. Our performance analyses show that our scheme is efficient to defend above-mentioned attacks.

Keywords: WSN; attack; secure bootstrap model; GEAR; SGEAR

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Haixia Zhao

Yaowei Li

Jincheng Shen

Mingchuan Zhang

Ruijuan Zheng

Qingtao Wu

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