Friday 23rd of February 2018

A New Scheme Based Biometric to Protect Location Privacy in Wireless Body Area Networks

Mohammed Mana, Mohamed Feham and Boucif Amar Bensaber

The wireless body area network (WBAN) has emerged as a new technology for e-healthcare that allows real time monitoring of patients using small wearable and/or implantable sensors. The latest collect vital information of the patient and communicate them to a central unit using short-range wireless communication techniques. The security and privacy protection of the data collected from a WBAN is major preoccupation with challenges coming from stringent resource constraints of WBAN devices and the high demand for both security/privacy and practicality/usability. In this paper, we first categorize the type of eavesdroppers that threatening the privacy in WBAN, and then we propose a new scheme based biometric to protect location privacy in WBAN.

Keywords: Wireless Body Area Networks, location privacy, Eavesdroppers, attack games, Biometrics

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Mohammed Mana
University of Ain Temouchent

Mohamed Feham
STIC Lab., Department of telecommunications, University of Tlemcen, Tlemcen, Algeria

Boucif Amar Bensaber
Laboratoire de mathématiques et informatique appliquées LAMIA, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

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