Friday 19th of January 2018

A Method for Normalizing Students Scores Case Study Faculty of Information Technology At Al-Ahliyya Amman University

Khaled Al-Jubori and Mustafa Yaseen

Assessment and evaluation of students in a percentage based grade system is proven to be unfair, biased and in many cases lead to unrealistic evaluations, and unreasonable results. This is basically due to lack of understanding by instructors, who act just as a calculator without any considerations to any measures or rules; i.e. they just add up to totals of exams and assignments given to their students, no adjustments are done, and when done, they are not fair. Unfairness comes from adjusting all grades by an x amount of marks that are either added (to raise the grades) or deducted (to lower the grades). In this paper we are proposing a system that is based on a mathematical approach for adjustments of grades based on criteria that we will prove to be sound, efficient and fair to all students in any course at Amman University, with an instructor based on their performance and compared to the rest of the students in the specific class.

Keywords: polynomial, instructor, grade, parameter

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Khaled Al-Jubori
Khaled Aljiboury, has a BSc Math., Mosul Uni., Iraq, 1975; MS Numerical Analysis and Programming, Dundee University, UK 1981; Ph.D. Numerical Analysis and Programming, Loughborough University, UK 1985. Dean of FIT at AAU, 2010-2014.

Mustafa Yaseen
Mustafa Yaseen, has a BSc Math., Jordan Uni., Jordan, 1972; MS and Ph.D. Computer Science, Lehigh University, PA, USA, 1986. Dean of FIT at AAU, 1998-2010. Director of Horani e-Learning Center, 2008-2010. Currently on leave working as Advisor at major software development house.

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