Sunday 21st of January 2018

A Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control applied for DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion System

Ali Boukhriss, Tamou Nasser and Ahmed Essadki

This paper proposes the control of a doubly fed induction generator DFIG used in wind turbine energy conversion. The control strategy is based on the linear active disturbance rejection control ADRC to generate the control voltages of the rotor side converter RSC and the grid side converter GSC, due to the changes in control inputs. The ADRC, based on the extended state observer ESO, estimate and compensate in real time all the internal and external disturbance of the physical plant, such as, the parameter uncertainties due to the temperature variation, the cross-coupling terms and the load current variation into the dc link voltage. Simulations results are carried out with MATLAB /SIMULINK.

Keywords: Doubly Fed Induction Generator, Active Disturbance Rejection Control, Extended State Observer, Wind Energy, Back To Back Converter

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Ali Boukhriss
Ali Boukhriss received a License degree from ENSET School, Mohamed 5 Souissi University Rabat, and a master degree from ENSA School, Ibn Zohr University Agadir in 2011. He is currently working toward the PhD degree in electrical engineering research at ENSET, Mohamed 5 Souissi University Rabat, Morocco.

Tamou Nasser
Tamou NASSER is currently an Associate Professor (Professeur Assistant) at the communication networks department of National High School for Computer Science and Systems (ENSIAS), Mohamed V Souisssi University, Morocco, since 2009. She received her PhD degree in 2005 and her research MS degree, in 2000, respectively, all in electrical engineering from Mohammadia Engineering School (EMI), Morocco. Her research interests renewable energy, motor drives, power system, and Smart Grid. Doctor Tamou NASSER is a member of Al Jazari research group

Ahmed Essadki
AHMED ESSADKI is currently a Professor and university research professor at the electrical engineering department of ENSET, Mohamed V Souisssi University, Morocco. In 2000, He received his PhD degree from Mohammadia Engineering School (EMI), (Morocco).From1990 to 1993, he pursued his Master program at UQTR University, Quebec Canada, respectively, all in electrical engineering. His current research interests include renewable energy, motor drives and power system. Doctor Ahmed ESSADKI is a member of RGE Lab in research group leader

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