Sunday 21st of January 2018

A High-Speed Residue-to-Binary Converter for Three-Moduli Set

Amani Goniemat and Andraws Swidan

Residue-to-binary conversion is the crucial step for residue arithmetic. The traditional methods are the Chinese Remainder Theorem and the Mixed Radix Conversion. Both approaches have some well known long standing difficulties, new Chinese remainder theorem used to overcome those difficulties. In this paper presents, and a new converter for specific moduli set {2^(2n+2)-1,2^(2n+1)-1,2^n } was proposed. Our proposed converter is based on the CRTI. A detailed comparative analysis of the proposed converter was carried out. The analysis showed that our proposed converter overcomes other converters by speed and at the same time it is comparable to them by hardware requirements.

Keywords: Residue Number System, Reverse Converters, New Chinese Remainder Theorem

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Amani Goniemat
Amani Goniemat was born in Salt,Jordan in 1983. She her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering degree from The University of Jordan.Upon graduation, she joined Balqa applied university as computer and network engineer and labs supervisor.Later, she enrolled again in the university of jordan, to pursue a masterís degree in the Department of Computer and network Engineering.She will be graduating with the degree of Master in July 2013.

Andraws Swidan
Dr. Andraws Swidan was born in Al- Karak, Jordan in 1954. He is an assistant Professor of Computer Engineering and the Head of the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Jordan since 2001. He joined the EE Department in the University of Jordan in 1983 until 2000. Dr. Sweidan received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Leningrad Electro-technical Institute named Ulianov (Lenin) in Leningrad Russia in 1982. He received Diploma in Computer Engineering from the same institute in February 1979. His research interests are specialised processors, matrix devices, Residue arithmetic, fault tolerant codes. He is an IEEE member, Jordanian Engineering Association member, and active member in numerous voluntary scientific and administrative committees. He is a Computer consultant for many national organisations.

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